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The sea plays an important role in Tel Aviv’s day-to-day – being a relaxing destination for beachside activities.

The city, however, is also fast-paced, and is renowned for having great restaurants, bars, and clubs; and a 24-hour nightlife.

Several buildings in the Old City and its port have been restored and conserved, making Jaffa a popular attraction.

You’ll find sidewalk cafes and promenades, as well as synagogues, mosques, churches, and monasteries.

The Israeli ambassador was left clutching his head in what appeared to be both amusement and despair during Donald Trump's appearance in Israel on Monday.

Trump was in a bilateral meeting with President Reuven Rivlin of Israel during his ongoing diplomacy tour when he implied that the country was not, in fact in the Middle East.

Taking cover in safe rooms, bomb shelters, and stairwells can be a terrifying experience for many Israeli citizens, but dozens of teenagers and adults have posted smiling selfies on Facebook to document their experiences.

As well as posting photos users have shared tips on how to keep children entertained during the long hours in the shelters as well as Jewish people from across the the world posting messages of support.

Relocating the US embassy to Jerusalem would represent a major break with US policy.

Jerusalem is easily reached by bus from Tel Aviv in about 45 minutes.

Channel 2 cited an anonymous source as saying a member of the Trump administration would announce the highly controversial move on the President’s first full working day in office.

This page will help you make this trip and get the most from the journey.

Practical information - train times, fares & tickets Which station to use in Tel Aviv What's the train like?

Savidor-Center and Ha Shalom are the most important stations with plenty of taxis waiting outside when you need them, although Ha Hagana is closest to old Jaffa.

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