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A dangerously unclassifiable relationship between two lost and lonely individuals is the focus of “Lamb,” writer-director-star Ross Partridge’s beautiful and troubling sophomore feature.

One that inspires you to hold your own significant other just a little bit tighter.

His close friend Ross Partridge, a back seat passenger who was not wearing a seatbelt, was flung out of the rear window as the car hit bushes beside a country road and spun round.

His body ended up in a ditch and despite attempts by members of the public to resuscitate him, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Photos via Imgbox: To see even more EXPLICIT photos that I frankly thought were too disgusting to post, go to DRUNKEN STEPFATHER.

David Prowse, 28, was more than twice over the legal drink drive limit when he lost control of the Renault Clio he was driving.

So I could in no way be objective about my love for them when we sat down to discuss their background, their relationship, and the ups and downs of being an indie film couple. We’re doing a lot of busywork and taking care of some stuff. Paste : [laughs] So for this Valentine conversation, I kind of felt that I would start by talking to both of you about growing up and where you’re from and what make you who you are…all that kind of stuff. Lafleur: It’s so simple, it’s so not complicated at all.

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