Dating site for dieters


Do this 30-Day Dating Diet to reconnect with your authentic amazing self.

When talking about online dating, it can be a scary world out there in cyberspace.

A new study out of Plenty Of Fish surveyed over 500 singles in 10 of North America’s most health conscious cities, and found that dietary restrictions are actually preventing new relationships and polarizing singles.

Vegan Diet: 50% of vegans don’t want to date another vegan Paleo Diet: 50% of paleo dieters don’t want to date a vegetarian Gluten-Free Diet: 20% of gluten-free dieters don’t want to date a low-carb dieter Low-Carb Diet: 31% of low-carb dieters don’t want to date a vegetarian Vegetarian: 25% of vegetarians don’t want to date a paleo dieter So…

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Many people are turned off by the thought of giving up their favorite meals to make concessions for their partner.” As it turns out, many times people are turned off enough to pressure their partners to eat better when they do find themselves in relationships.

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