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Fendrihan Thiers Issard Singing Straight Razor 5/8", Black Scales
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(Germania) Black celluloid scales with some scratches. Delicate 1/2" wide blade, black scales, two pins, Length closed is 5 1/8". Compact nickel plated box that opens so that you can place a safety razor blade inside, then you turn the handle to strop the edges and bring back that perfect edge. The reverse has what it probably a year: 188- the last has been polished out. Very close to a shave ready edge, but for a few strokes on a strop. Pictures: , India Steel Works, 1004-5/8" on the front shank and Belknap Hd & Mfg. This is a very old razor with a lead spacer, Maher and Grosch were in business starting 1875 and worked until 1990. The etching on the blade reads: King Cutter Registered Hallmark.

10.5" X 8.6" Came to America from a Swiss couple who immigrated in 1948. 50 Pictures: , The company hallmark is on the obverse shank: Trademark with a shield, anchor, and crossed swords. Beautiful red scales that I have never run across before. There was some sort of logo in the recessed portion of the lid. Six auto strop blades still in their cardboard wraps are in the compartment to the left. Henry Sears and Son produced fine razors between 18. Pictures: Nice deep etching on blade of a heart with 'Finest' in the center and a banner with "hollow Ground" (You might want to take a look at SR31 to see the matching blade with the same logo. 3/4" blade, triple pinned, transparent dark green scales. French Ivory scales, with silver bolsters with the Logo of a large 'V' and 'O' intertwined. Weck & Son is stamped into the framework for the removable blade on the reverse. This set is exciting since everything is there including the instruction book and a pristine case with all the information. When I had this razor polished and honed, I opted not to have all the small marks removed to save the Logo on the blade. Priced well at 5 Pictures: The back side of the shank is marked 'Germany'. White composition scales with what looks like some heat damage to the reverse scale. Pictures: , 7" long x1.5" high x 1.66 inches deep. They are mounted on the wood base that has been split lengthwise, forming two equal sides.

Pictures: , Giesen & Forsthoff Solingen-Germany. beautiful condition and Shave Ready The silver logo is cast into the front scale, two rivets. Beautiful design of blade, the Wyeth logo is etched into the blade and the shank reads: Wyeth Hardware & Mfg Co St Joseph Mo Black scales, double pinned, see photos for slight rust showing. Morley made many razors for export by contract for American consumption with the name of the retailer on the shank) Ivory Scales with short crack obverse scale and a slightly longer crack in the reverse. Cream colored French Ivory scales with good grain to cellulose, double pinned. No surface rust on blade but there is a small bend in the very end but no break to the steel. There is an etching on the blade of a large 'X' and a star in the center and rays emanating from the center. I have never had very many Swedish razors, and this one is special. very small dots of discoloration on both sides of the blade. If you see green reflected on the blade, it is the trees around my home, I like to shoot jpgs in natural light. I just picked up three original boxes of blades to go with this great razor: one box is missing one blade the others have all five. Beautiful Windmill pattern cast in bass relief with green background coloration. Only surface staining to the blade that will clean up easily. The strops, red and black, are on a second box that slides inside the first. Next is a felt layer about 1/8" thick and on top of that is the leather for the stropping.

A very nice 'traveler' Pictures: beefy blade: 3/4 " wide. "Cracked Ice" scales with " SOLINGEN" inlaid in silver in one of the scales. Slight freckling to both sides due to some very light rust, it can be polished out. I could find no references to their production of razors and but two references to Wyeth Razors being auctioned. someone has done some filing on the reverse scale, but the black will easily be removed. round end to blade, slight freckling to the blade, needs honing. Unusual blade with a heavy spine (frameback) and a very delicate hollow ground blade. Pictures: , Joseph Allen & Sons, Sheffield England. The two give-away signs that this is very old is lack of gimps and a lead wedge. White celluloid scales with floral design on both ends. The blade needs a good honing and stropping to bring back the edge needed for a good shave. I couldn't find the manufacturer but his work is impressive. Look at the monkey's tail, the lead spacer, and notice the distinct shape. Round end, a few small rust spots on the blade, the edge needs honing and stropping, gimps on the bottom of the shank. The blade is 5/8" wide but there is some discoloration and some damage to the point of the cutting edge. It has two compartments that can hold and protect two straight edge razors. Not only is the leather flexible while the stropping is done, but the wood slats are flexible as well. The leather shows wear and a few places where the razor nicked the edge. Olean, NY USA Leather hone with a red felt cushion. Nice stone, but it needs dressing with a coarse stone to remove the small nicks if you want a perfectly flat side.

plain black scales, very clean blade with small marks or stains that can be cleaned up. Medium Size Hollow Ground etched into blade, 11/16" wide blade, barbers notch, no gimps, black scales, Shave ready. Light discoloration to both sides of the blade, but I didn't think that I wanted to remove it and damage the motto. 5 Pictures: (VERY EARLY) Beautiful old humped backed razor with original 'coffin' box. The box is pressed cardboard with The bas relief cross and 'B' in a circle on either end of the arrow. The shaving edge has no damage but is in need of a good stropping. This was used on American razors prior to the 1820's. 3/4" wide, double pinned, matching box in excellent condition. It appears that someone has tried to take care of the damage with a hone, but this will take an expert. Only surface staining on the blade, it needs a light honing and stropping. The gold leaf in the bottoms of the impressed logo on the leather box is gone so it is difficult to make out what the rest of the logo says. The box keeps the rouge away from the owner's clothing during the trip. Fine grained red hone (like Swaty) with no damage to the edges nor surface. There is no way that they could damage an edge of a razor, but it would look better.

Characters on box read: High quality Japanese razor.

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