Bruce willis dating rumor


Born in a Christian family, he doesn’t follow a particular religion and is an American citizen, although born in Germany. His last recorded weight was around 90 kg, which is good for someone his height.

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You know, I kinda felt bad for Bruce Willis after his divorce from Demi Moore, but he seems to be getting along just fine with all of his model his model wife.

After graduating, he started to work as a security person in Salem Nuclear Power Plant.

He completed the rest of his education from Montclair State University. His height is an 183 cm, which is exactly 6 feet tall.

It sounds like they’re better off as friends, anyway.

“Though Rumer is denying any love interests, she also knows that she could meet her future husband anywhere and at anytime, so if an opportunity presents itself then she will pursue it,” our insider added.

Rumer and Val scored an impressive 39 out of 40, with three perfect 10s.

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