Are dee plume and noel fielding still dating creating dating software scripts


Put i Tunes on shuffle and write a drabble for the first 10 songs that play. I didn't get that far, obviously, as there are only seven parts to it. That was embarrassing." Noel rolls over onto his side and shuffles closer, his lips brushing the bare skin of Russell's shoulder.

"He has a bit of a reputation but that's all part of the appeal. They were cuddled up in a corner kissing for most of the night." Scroll down for more...

Noel's girlfriend Dee Plume, from electro band Robots In Disguise, was with him at Bungalow 8 in Covent Garden, but things didn't go to plan. Noel Fielding and Steve Coogan team up with two ladies dressed in matching blue frocks at Bungalow 8 last night One witness said: 'Noel was all over the shop.

He was in high spirits, but had clearly drunk a lot.

Today he has gone for a cape of black netting over jeans and T-shirt, his Roman nose framed by a bowler hat and walls of black hair.

He talks about his hellraising years with fondness (“It’s like you’ve been given the keys to the city and it’s amazing for about a year”) but a certain finality.“I think I was probably a bit rudderless,” he says.

It could be the evening he spent handing out surgical gloves to strangers with the Welsh actor Rhys Ifans.

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